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Sean Sankey

The brand name actually came from a client. 

"Ahh... that's much clearer now.

That tends to happen when you're around hey?"

Since 2011, I've been working with creative and tech companies of all shapes and sizes to attack complex problems. Working with boards to shape their growth strategies. Training sales teams to build stronger sales narratives. Coaching communicators on how to pitch to win business. Designing conferences, workshops and Sprints to create memories and deliver alignment.

Whether it's with colleagues over at Form or in my independent practice, the comon thread through all my work has been the use of creative ways to deliver radical clarity.  

What people say...

Sean's work with our board has overhauled how we traditionally approach strategy.


Committing to the Strategy Sprint methodology and follow-on framework has meant we're making much faster progress in a much clearer way!

Joe McLoughlin

Dir. Innovation, Astraline / JJH


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