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Turn your 'away day' into a pivotal moment with a structure that works

Events & Sprints

Away Days & Conferences

6-120 people

Tested over 20 iterations

1-2 days

Tailored to your specifics

It's been genuinely transformational!

I now see the sprint was truly an inflection point for our business

David Levine

CEO, Fixtuur / DigitalBridge

Design, prioritise and spark activity that'll drive your growth now!

Strategy-overnighters, team-away days, the odd conference... we've run a LOT of events over the years!!

Now you might have heard of the Google Design Sprint.

Originally masterminded at Google Ventures, it solved the problem of radically reducing the time it took to launch products in the marketplace.


But, what if you dipped into that toolkit to apply powerful growth focused techniques to solve all kinds of business challenges?

You'd have... the GROWTH SPRINT

We designed a unique approach to Growth Sprints, and have constantly refined it now that over 100 businesses of all sizes and sectors have been through our Sprint sessions to accelerate their growth.


One of the most ambitious projects saw a few of us run a virtual Sprint helping 16 tech businesses grow their international footprint and offering.

People were spread across 70 locations, but were all interacting in one Zoom call, being facilitated through building out their futures across 16 virtual whiteboards.

In person or online, we can design your day borrowing from our Sprint toolkit to make it engaging, meaningful and productive. 

Typically, teams find that they:




Rapidly get aligned on issues that have been holding them back for too long

Agree a clear direction and recognise the cost of committing to that clarity

Craft experiments and plans that can start driving progress the very next day

If this all sounds like something you and your team could benefit from then…


Start a conversation 

Begin getting the help you need to make your event amazing...

Sean's work with our board has overhauled how we traditionally approach strategy.


Committing to the Sprint methodology and follow-on framework has meant we're making much faster progress in a much clearer way!


Joe McLoughlin

Dir. Innovation, Astraline / JJH

Literally one of the best things we've done for the business in the last couple of years!

We're using the techniques every week now as one of the main ways to drive the business... and great results are coming from places we never expected! 


Alastair Kennedy

Co-Founder, The Rybec Group

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