Our Team

Small and perfectly formed... MuchClearer has evolved into a collective of dynamic thinkers and personalities.

Some big ideas that drive us include... 

  • We war against bland.

  • Whilst predictable is useful, the unknown is where growth lives. 

  • Value is more than volume. i.e. Do LESS... BETTER.

  • Ideas really matter. Execution matters most.  

  • Clarity costs. And even hurts sometimes. But it's always worth it. 


Founder, Head of Clarity

For 20 years I've been working with creative and tech companies of all shapes and sizes to attack complex problems...

Working with boards to shape their growth strategies.

Training sales teams to build stronger narratives and pitch to win business. 

Coaching communicators on telling more compelling and persuasive stories.

Running workshops and conferences to create memories and deliver value.

The common thread through all my work has been the use of creative ways to deliver radical clarity. 


Lead Consultant, Chief Ideas Officer


I’m a seasoned innovation consultant with a love of complex problems, design thinking, UX, lean startup approaches and applied psychology.


With an energetic, hands-on and tenacious approach I help teams develop and implement ideas that matter.

My love of people and my training in positive organisational psychology and emotional intelligence helps me build robust and resilient teams.

And all this, whilst having a giggle... as life’s too short and work is too hard to not to have a smile on your face!

DAVE dsu screenshot_edited.jpg

Lead Consultant, President of Wisdom


I have spent over 25 years in agencies – in design and advertising in the pre-digital age, and in digital since 1999.


From boutique design agencies to the might and scale of McCann, I've worked in businesses of all shapes and sizes and with clients of all shapes and sizes – global, multi-$bn household names to snappy start-ups.

I have a real passion for creative and digital businesses – from the output and value they bring, the business model, the commercial opportunity as well as the ever changing nature and dynamic of client-agency relationships.

My work now takes many forms – from on-going Non Exec Director / Advisory positions to ad-hoc work on specific projects and business critical issues.