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Growth Sprints

In just hours, you design, prioritise and spark the right activity to go further, faster

You’ve probably heard of the Google Design Sprint.

Originally masterminded by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures, it solved the problem of reducing the time it took to launch products in the marketplace.


A classic Design Sprint focuses on building prototypes of digital products at speed. However, over the last few years Sprints have evolved into a set of workshop tools that can be thrown at rapidly tackling all kinds of business challenges.

Sean's work with our board has overhauled how we traditionally approach strategy.


Committing to the Sprint methodology and follow-on framework has meant we're making much faster progress in a much clearer way!


Joe McLoughlin

Dir. Innovation, Astraline / JJH

It's been genuinely transformational. 

I now see the sprint was truly an inflection point for our business

David Levine

CEO, DigitalBridge

We've developed a unique approach to Growth Sprints over the last few years, having now taken more than 100 companies through Sprint workshops to accelerate their growth.


The most ambitious recent project saw a few of us run a virtual sprint helping 16 tech businesses grow their international footprint and offering.


People were spread across 70 locations, but were all interacting in one Zoom call, being led by us to build out their futures across 16 virtual whiteboards.


There’s a reason the Sprint process is being used by organisations around the globe to tackle chewy problems.


Typically, teams find that they:

  • rapidly get aligned on issues that have been holding them back for too long

  • agree a clear direction and recognise the cost of committing to that clarity

  • craft their high level strategy AND shape implementation plans for small slices of tactical action that move them forwards in a really practical way.

If that sounds like something you and your team could benefit from then…

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