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Improve your confidence and skills in persuading others through story and neuroscience 

Sean’s training for our salespeople has always been exceptional.


It’s no accident we booked him two years running for our sales conference!

Howard Hall

MD, DTP Group

Sales & Story

Sales & Marketing is the ultimate uncertainty.

Persuasion and building compelling narratives that move people to act are difficult arts to perfect. 

So all to say, there’s an insane amount that goes into winning business.


Designing the offer, shaping and refining the brand, understanding the buyer, tailoring the narrative, pricing it well, presenting things in a compelling way and negotiating through to sale… anyone who says or implies this stuff is easy is flat-out lying.


So whilst being on the front foot to landing new revenue is absolutely not easy… it is absolutely necessary.


And it is easier when you step back and think afresh about the priority questions you should ask and where you should focus your efforts.


This is where tested approaches, tactical language and battle scars of experience come into play.


I’ve never met a business yet who said “You know what we need, is a bit more chaos… if everything was a bit more ambiguous, vague and confusing that’d be awesome!”.  


So whether it’s a complete go-to-market overhaul, the creation of a fresh sales narrative or some training on pitching and negotiation, I can help.


Get in touch below if you want to make a step-change with your sales and storytelling.

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