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Having Sean as our advisor is both uplifting and invaluable during these tricky times.


I always end up feeling like I can move mountains again after our sessions.

Malin Cunningham

MD - Hattrick Communications

Consultancy & Non-Exec

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Your top team is working extra-hard deep inside the business. You're super close to your product, your customers and your colleagues.

But you know that when the leadership team stays too close to the minutae, the wood starts to get lost for the trees.


Soon it just feels like you're another running around, consumed with low-level issues, fire-fighting and just trying to keep things on track.   

You and the senior team need to wrestle back your perspective. To think and act strategically. That's where an experienced external hand can help steady the ship.

Growing businesses need outside input. Breakthroughs often happen out of a fresh insight, a well-timed question or simply an uncompromising verbal-punch-on-the-nose from someone outside your internal politics and agendas.

Over the last five years in particular, I’ve approached Non-Exec work with a twist.


Externals who turn up to meetings, nod in the right places and make pretty obvious and safe statements so as not to offend anyone and earn another day-rate... well that’s just not my style.


A good non-exec calls it as they see it, gets under the skin of what makes the top-team tick, then works with individuals AND the team to sort out the underlying issues holding the business back.


Whether it’s being a safe-space for senior leaders to chew through messy problems, designing and facilitating workshops, providing 1-1 coaching to grow capability, I’m all about taking a bespoke approach to cut through the crap that’s slowing the team down.


Start a conversation with me about what we can do to help your team become even better.

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